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Coyote Ridge Trail
Harvey Bear / Coyote Lake County Park
Leaving the Mendoza Ranch parking lot, there's a half-mile crushed gravel section of the Coyote Ridge Trail.
An example of oak woodlands that parallel the trail.
Bent by the wind, strong limbs of this Valley Oak support its massive weight.
Once on the ridge top, the Coyote Ridge Trail continues for miles with sweeping views of the landscape.
For most of the way, the trail is in full sunlight.
A bench in the shade for the weary with a pleasant view of Morgan Hill in the distance.
Views of farmland, orchards and vineyards further south..
The blue expanse of Coyote Lake and its adjacent foothills will be on your right.
In contrast to the urban expanse of Santa Clara Valley on your left.
The Coyote Ridge Trail continues the length of the lake where it connects with trails to Harvey-Bear Ranch.
Time allowing, be sure to take a short .3 mile side hike to visit Roop Pond.
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