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Great Kilt Demonstration
South Bay Scottish Society
Those who attended the South Bay Scottish Society's April 2002 General Meeting
were afforded the rare opportunity to see Jeff Cathcart demonstrate how an ancient Scot
turned a length of woven wool fabric into a Phileag Mhor or Great Kilt.
60 inches wide by 7 yards long. Estimating Finished Width Hand Pleating
Once tartan is pleated, lay down on it.
SBSS Deputy Chief Bruce Dewing acted the stages of Jeff's kilt demonstration
Slip kilt belt under, fold left side over in front.
Arrange pleats across the back. Turn edge under, fasten with pin. Slip leather pouch onto belt.
Adjust front & back lengths at shoulder, then affix with traditional pennanular brooch.
The Finished Product. Born to wear it!

A Wealth Of Knowledge
In addition to the kilt demonstration, Jeff shared his extensive knowledge of Scottish Clan history.

Clan Badge and Exquisite Lace Feathers Denote Rank Whimsical Backpack
Jeff shares sword lore with Bruce and Pam. His superior knowledge of Scottish history proved fascinating.
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