Light of Morn
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Green Fire
The Academy of Science, Golden Gate Park
These precious Green Tree Boas reside at the Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. The Academy is currently located in downtown San Francisco while their old site in Golden Gate Park is being earthquake retrofitted. I chose not to use a flash for fear of startling these dreamers. Instead, I held my breath and took 30th of a second exposures.
I have no idea if they can see through the glass or if itís one-way.
They seem to favor looping themselves over a branch, heads resting on coils, with eyes full open/dreaming.
They may look identical, but each snake is distinctive in color variations, facial features, especially the eyes.
Notice how tightly this snake's looped and coiled around its branch.
As I moved back and forth taking pictures, only the snake's eyes tracked my movement.
California Gopher Snake California King Snake Western Rattlesnake
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