Light of Morn
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Month-End October 2020
Nature Is Full of Surprises!
Have decided to replace the garden's central fountain with a smaller one.
Found this pregnant female mantid foraging nearby.
Wondered where she'd deposit her egg case.
Squirrels are decimating my Fuyu persimmon crop this year.
Was delighted to discover a mantid egg case among the fruit.
"Dustbunny" enjoying the morning sun.
Taking a drive, paused at the entrance to Arroyo de la Mariposa.
Patch of gravel damp enough to attract numerous insects.
All were "puddling", dabbing for moisture in the wet gravel.
There were 2-3 of each type of butterfly specie shown here.
Continuing on, found a single remaining acorn high in a favorite Black Oak.
Tree's leaves are beginning to show more color.
Always fun to find a natural composition to photograph.
Most of the tree's leaves are still green.
First rain of the season will probably bring out more color.
Biggest surprise was discovering that my favorite polypore had finally emerged.
I'd checked on the 7th and there wasn't a trace of one.
Very disappointing to have missed its entire development.
The polypore's lobes are well on their way to drying out.
It emerged high in a trunk cavity, which is why I missed seeing it on the 7th.
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