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Rancho San Vicente County Park
Almaden - Ridge Trail Views, 27 March 2020

Overgrown meadow to become a trail
access parking lot on Old Almaden Road.
Decades of winter storm debris, introduced
plant species choke Alamitos Creek bed.
Huge non-native palm on adjacent resident's property.
Decaying deadfall becomes habitat for a wide variety of species.
In addition to fungi, rotting wood hosts plasmodial slime,
reptiles, salamanders and newts.
Trail route so enchanting, it drew me in.
Line of trees, remnants of an orchard.
Beautiful day to explore our valley's parks and preserves.
Almaden Trail follows the contours of the hillsides
to connect with the Ridge Trail.
Rustic-looking wooden bench with
views of Almaden Quicksilver County Park.
Enjoying a gentle trail suitable for all family members.
Near the summit, boulders accent the grassland scenery.
Take a moment for a closer look at weathered rock.
Consider its origin and composition.
Weathered rock hosts numerous species.
Squirrels and birds, like this rock wren, use tall boulders as look outs.
Colorful lichen communities colonize rock surfaces.
Given time, lichen spread into crevasses, nooks and crannies.
Oaks above the main parking lot shaped by the wind.
Scores of visitors enjoy Rancho San Vicente trails year round.
Across the arroyo, below the water tank,
stands what was once a massive blue oak.
Another oak that has also lost half its width during our current drought.
"Havoc" loves exploring new trails.
Always leashed, grows impatient waiting for me while I take photos.
Hilltop area of exposed Serpentine, California's State Rock.
Birds, including the meadow lark, use
overhanging rocks to shelter their nests.
Colorful clothing makes it easier to spot fast-moving trail traffic ahead.
This tree could be an Interior Live Oak
which are said to be as wide as they are tall.
Young man with his two high-energy canine pals use this trail for exercise.
Between a rock and a cow splat, spring wildflowers bloom.
Urban sprawl held in check.
Protected from development. Set aside for the public. A showcase for nature.
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