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La Purisima Mission Bobcat Rescue & Release  Mission San Miguel  
Fall Crawl: Tarantula Sightings Western Pond Turtles  Acorn Grinding Stones
The Versatile Soap Root Baby Western Pond Turtle  Found at sunset  
Predator and Prey Western Racer Gray Foxes
California King Snake Western Rattlesnakes  California Gopher Snake
Mountain King Snake California Newt Coast Horned Lizard
Garter Snake  Never-Before-Seen Blotched Newt  Newt or Ensatina?
Arboreal Salamanders Tiger Salamanders Ensatina Salamanders
Western Red Bat California Giant Salamander Frogs and Toads
Roop Pond Dragonflies  Western Pygmy Blue Butterflies   Native Trout