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Let's Ride!
PBR Touring Pros, Salinas Rodeo, July 2012.
Bucking shutes are small, cramped spaces and bulls want out!
Bulls start bucking the second the shute opens.
In this sport, it's the riders versus the bulls.
Which makes it an extremely exciting sport to watch!
Bulls can leap several feet off the ground.
And they can go vertical too, heads low, heels high.
Suspendied in mid-air before hitting the ground again.
Riders grip their bull ropes, hug with their knees, trying to keep their seats.
And they must keep one hand free the whole time.
The longest 8 seconds in sports!
Bulls leap, plunge, spin left, right and reverse direction.
For the bullrider, it's a jolting roller coaster.
After launching its rider high into the air, this bull headed for the fence.

Visit Rodeo Salinas! or the Professional Bull Riders website for upcoming event schedules.

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