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Carrizo Plain Wildflowers
Springtime Views
In wet years, surface alkaline is flushed into Soda Lake.
The extensive Carrizo Plain watershed drains into 50-mile long Soda Lake.
Alkaline crusts stand out in stark relief against the Plain's early spring landscape.
Patches of wildflowers edge Soda Lake near the Visitor's Overlook.
This stream meanders a few miles through California Valley before disappearing underground.
In search of wildflowers, we crossed the valley heading towards Wallace Creek.
Along the way we saw more alkaline-lined streambeds.
In such a harsh landscape, it's hard to imagine how wildlife can exist here.
About half way across the valley, we found large areas carpeted with wildflowers.
There are no trails, no fences in this area.
We had this entire landscape to ourselves.
The San Andreas Faultline is at the base of the
Tremblor Mountain Range seen in the distance.
The San Andreas stretches the entire length of California Valley.
Dirt roads throughout the Carrizo Plain are impassible in wet weather.
Section of scarp along the San Andreas Earthquake Fault.
Wallace Creek shifted several hundred yards north due to
earthquake activity along the San Andreas Fault.
View from Wallace Creek towards Soda Lake.
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