Light of Morn
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Let's Rodeo!
Hat's off, hands over our hearts.
Miss San Benito Rodeo 2010 showing the colors.
Lots of colorful activity at the start of the event.
So many goodlooking horses & riders.
What a pleasure it was taking photos.
Riders in a race before the grandstands. Gal in the lead made it look easy.
Too much going on at once.
Could not give these gals the attention they deserved.
Getting ready for action.
Bulls were serious competitors.
Kept the bull fighters busy.
They were focused, fast on their feet.
The action was often so fast, it was hard to tell what went wrong.
Get a move on cowboy!
Bull fighter to the rescue!
Most broncs leaped straight at the grandstands,
poor angle for taking pictures. Few photos turned out.
Then it was the gals turn and they were fierce competitors.
Some mounts appeared bred for the task.
Some could turn tighter than others.
Looking towards the finish line.
Let's go!
Leaning into it!
Flying forward.
Getting up to speed.
Hooves flying.
Team roping event very fast. Most action took place far across the arena.
Good seeing both gals and guys competing.
Fast action created great photo ops.
Would have liked to have been closer to the action.
Looks like a figure 8 loop to me.
Not enough time, not enough skill to get
all the action shots I wanted. These are just a few.
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