Light of Morn
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Ridge / Tie Camp / Merry-Go-Round Trail Loop
Mt Madonna County Park, 17 October 2010
Trailhead, Ridge Trail, Sprig Pond Day Use Staging Area.
An old split-rail fence along a shaded avenue.
Yummy looking crimson berries of the Hairy Honeysuckle, unfortunately inedible.
Snowberry, which produces a tiny pink flower in spring so small it often goes unnoticed.
"And I awoke in rainy autumn and walked abroad in a shower of all my days." -Dylan Thomas
Trail-side Leather Oaks were heavy with acorns.
Numerous patches of Buckwheat along the trail some still producing nectar to attract insects.
Hillside Tarweed, a late summer/early fall nectar source for butterflies and other insects.
Close-up photo of Coyote Brush which flourishes at this time of year.
Ridge Trail climbs nearly a mile before reaching the Tie Camp Trail junction.
A light rain steadily falling.
Drier conditions beneath the redwood canopy along the Tie Camp section of the trail loop.
Very still, quiet in the redwood sections of the trail, felt like a thousand eyes were watching.
Emerging into the light - a breath of fresh air after the oppressive closeness of the redwoods.
Along a mixed oak forest avenue.
Spanish Moss hangs low along a serpentine section of the Merry-Go-Round Trail.
Lots of seasonal color. Lots of leaves slowly spiralling from tree tops to the ground.
Buckeye leaves, their color slowly fading with the season.
Ever present trail-side poison oak.
California Fuchsia, a late summer, fall bloomer. A rich nectar source for hummingbirds.
At times, Poison Oak becomes vine-like, clinging to branches, entwining tree trunks to reach sunlight.
Trailside color near parking lot.
"Sing a song of seasons -
Something bright in all -
Wildflowers in spring, leaves aflame in fall." -Robert Luis Stevenson
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