Light of Morn
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OSA's Boccardo Trail
Audubon Society Annual Bird Count
(Eastern Foothills)
Bundled up against the early morning chill at Alum Rock County Park.
Bird Count participants sign in at the start of the event.
Our group's count began in the eastern foothills above the Boccardo Trail.
Scanning the hillsides for birds that would include meadow larks and rock wrens.
Winter bare California Buckeye near the Boccardo Trail summit. Raptors, like the American Kestrel and Red Tailed Hawk often sun themselves from top branches.
Crossing the mountain's broad shoulder in search of birds.
Boccardo Trail summit affords sweeping views in every direction.
View from the summit of the lower portion of the Boccardo Trail.
As on previous counts, we worked our way slowly down the mountain.
Although it was clear and warm high on the mountain, haze obscured the valley below.
We paid particular attention to narrow canyons and wooded areas.
Entering a sheltered canyon in search of birds.
California Buckeye with new growth uplifted showed signs of spring foilage.
In the deep recesses of the canyon a variety of mushrooms were seen.
Deep shade, leaf litter and damp soil provide great mushroom habitat.
Emerging from the canyon returning to the light.
We searched for birds in every direction as we proceeded down the mountain.
The Boccardo Trail is popular with hikers, marathon runners and mountain bikers.
The geological history of the mountain is clearly written on its face.
Nearing the Boccardo trailhead; the foothills of Alum Rock Park in the distance.
Maps and information about the area is available at the Boccardo Trailhead.
Returning to our starting point along the Todd Quick Trail in Alum Rock Park.
Results of today's count were tallied and added to count data from other areas in the eastern foothills. Total count data will be published by the Audubon Society in 2005.
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