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Weaving Acapella
Patrick Dougherty, 2003
In the early stages, the structure resembled
little more than a leafy cylinder.
Patrick's enthusiasm and energy seemed boundless.
Raw material: these willows were grown commercially in Petaluma.
Visitors were always welcome. Here, Patrick chats
with an art student from San Francisco.
Platforms enabled work on the structure's
upper level to be done safely.
A team of volunteers assisted Patrick in building the structure.
Here, we get the first glimpse of the distinctive "onion dome" roof.
For strength, the thick walls are woven very tightly.
Patrick's design includes sky lights and windows.
Here, a volunteer quickly fashions a roof ornament.
The worksite was always a bee hive of activity.
With the eye of an artist and the skill of a master builder,
Patrick grooms the structure's walls.
There is an entrance on each side of the structure.
Here, work begins on the main entrance to complete the design.
Local high school art students visit work site
as A Cappella nears completion.
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