Light of Morn
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April 2022
Nature Never Disappoints
Buckeye tree stands watch above Mariposa Arroyo.
Northern Checkerspot nectar-sipping from a tiny popcorn blossom.
A natural drainage, arroyo hosts numerous plants and insects.
A spray of golden California Poppies!
Butterflies are sometimes attracted to the Poppy's bright color.
A Green Hairstreak pauses with wings upright on a Poison Oak leaf.
Tiny male Acmon Blue basking with outstretched wings.
Ruby-red Clarkia.
High above the arroyo, hundreds of Blazing Stars bloom.
Blazing Stars with wild oats.
To see more Blazing Stars, visit: Rancho San Vicente
Verigated Checkerspot on Mountain Mahogany.
Itheriel Spear, a native mid-spring wildflower.
The Arroyo's Mountain Mahogany laden with its seed berries.
Birds, tiny mammals will eat and disburse seeds from these berries.
Bouquet of tiny Common Gilia.
Elegant Clarkia.
Canyon Dudlea with bloom stalk.
Blue Dick, an early spring wildflower, has bloomed beyond its time.
Year-round flyer, the Common Buckeye.
Field Crescent on Smooth Hawksbeard - a pollinators favorite.
Watching tiny Alcom Blues perched motionless,
I often wonder what they're thinking.
Our native Mule Ears Sunflower.
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