Light of Morn
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Arboreal Salamanders
This rain-soaked piece of deadfall provides a
cozy home for a native salamander family.
Foraging a ways from the entrance to her burrow,
a mama Arboreal Salamander.
Square toes and prehensile tail distinguish
this specie from other salamanders.
Uncomfortable by exposure to light and fresh air,
she began to retreat to her burrow.
Nearby, a tiny movement caught my eye.
After taking this photo, I carefully picked up and
placed this baby at the entrance to the burrow.
It instantly disappeared inside.
"I'm outta here!"  The second baby was
quite a mover -- note its tiny square toes!
Meanwhile, mama's had enough too.
She could see the second of her babies
in the entranceway to the burrow.
Zip. She disappeared inside in a flash.
Lungless arboreal salamanders breathe through their skin, emerging from deep burrows during the rainy season,
they absorb moisture to sustain them through dry spells.
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