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Black Diamond Mine
August 2012
Volunteer Interpretative Docents van pooled to Contra Costa County.
Historical site managed by the East Bay Regional Park District.
Black Diamond Mine tour guide gave short overview of history of site.
At one time the area supported three small mining communities.
Tunnel entrance with mining displays.
Tour guides issued each visitor a hard hat and flashlight for the mine tour.
Walls of the tunnel dotted with coal deposits.
Coal seams varied in size and length.
Tour followed the mine shaft for some distance,
with steps climbing up or stepping down between tunnel levels.
Tour guide points to large seam of coal.
Length, quality of coal seam determined if it was worth extracting.
View through a connecting tunnel to another level.
Group with mining artifact.
Mine operation managers spent their work days underground.
Tour ends near the mouth of a tunnel which houses mining exhibits and a gift shop.
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