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Injured Bobcat Release
26 March 2010
Grassy hillsides, mixed oak woodlands - an ideal habitat for wildlife.
We noticed the area already had at least one male bobcat in residence.
It abandoned its evening hunt, took cover beneath these towering oaks.
Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley staff, friends, and supporters accompany the female bobcat for release.
A WCSV staff member and primary care provider attempts to coax the bobcat from its container.
But she was having none of it and began to snarl and growl at everyone in sight.
Angry at having the protective lid removed, she sought safety by climbing over the back of the container.
She knocked it over. Finding herself surrounded by well-wishers, she momentarily froze.
Then she reversed course - picking up speed as she came around the side of the cage.
And then she was off taking great leaps putting as much distance between us as she could
She hit full stride racing towards the grassy hillside.
Everyone watching thought how marvelous she looked as she left us far behind.
As she bounded up the hill, she passed through a large ground squirrel colony.
Imagine their surprise when suddenly, there's a bobcat streaking by! (Huh? Did you see that?)
Last we saw of her as she reached the summit, disappeared into the woods beyond.
The bobcat was released into a preserve managed by the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority.
The preserve has abundant water year-round making it ideal habitat for a diverse wildlife population.
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Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley relies on public support to provide care for injured wildlife.