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Mortar Stones
Chance Finds of Artifacts
Ranchers, farmers occasionally discover stone mortars while ploughing fields, excavating for buildings.
Historically, these stones are collected, set aside as curiosities.
Although made of stone, mortars are surprisingly fragile and can be chipped or broken by rough handling.
Partially broken mortars are sometimes the results of damage by plough or other farm equipment.
This mortar stone is still in a rough, unfinished state. Note the chipped, uneven surface within the oval.
A stone mortar and iron plough accent this rancher's flower garden.
A rare find, an undamaged stone pestle.

Chance Find On A Country Road
While taking photos along a country road, I happened to follow a game trail.
Imagine my astonishment when I came upon this rare find.
Further investigation by the authorities determined the stone
had lain undisturbed since its original use. It has since been removed.
It is illegal to disturb or remove Native American artifacts.
Always notify the proper authorities immediately.
Doing so will protect the site from inadvertent
destruction due to development or vandalism.

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