Light of Morn
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Calero Creek Trail, May 2022
Nature Never Disappoints
Had not walked the trail for several months due to the drought.
Smooth Hawksbeard, an invasive but welcome flower for pollinators.
Another invasive, Purple Hemlock. Found masses of it beside the trail.
Normally, there'd be lots of insects nectar-sipping on its tiny blossoms.
On the trail ahead, watched a coyote cross from the creek into the orchard.
Calero Creek has sheltered stretches hidden from view. Ideal for wildlife.
Trailside plum tree with beautiful rust-colored foilage.
Unfortunately, the plums are the size of large olives.
"Havoc" in the lead... as always.
Part of the trail's charm is its sunlit and shady sections.
A male River Bluet damselfly pauses to bask.
Wild Honeybee foraging for nectar on trailside wild blackberry.
One of our native yellow-faced bumblebees pollen gathering.
Foreground plants remain green due to natural watershed drainage.
But the hillsides are turning from green to straw quickly.
Plants are starting to dry out, cast their seeds.
So, "gather ye rosebuds while ye may".
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