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Calero Park April Pastorale
Figueroa Trail Wildflowers
Wildflowers bloom in profusion throughout the park.
Trailside view of Calero's lush spring landscape.
A fine tangle of Fiddlenecks line stretches of the Figueroa Trail.
Tiny Lupines like these can also be found.
Bright yellow "Johnny Jump Ups" are seen everywhere.
Some wild flowers are so small, they nearly defy being photographed.
Others, like this Mule's Ear, are the size of sunflowers.
Color and variety are plentiful for those with eyes to see.
Best of all, there's no need to step off trail to take photos.
Patches of wild flowers line most trails.
But watch where you put your feet!
A very small Rattlesnake, easily unnoticed on the trail ahead.
Motionless, perhaps for its protection, a Western Rattlesnake.
Mid trail, glimpsed this small Western Toad in a rain soaked squirrel hole.
Sharing its damp abode with a Western Tree Frog.
Frequently seen along trails in spring time.
These tiny frogs will often sit motionless on the trail.
Fast growing non-native grasses will soon overgrow all but the tallest wildflowers.
Hillside seepage along the trail's edge.
Serves as a temporary wet habitat for a baby Western Pond Turtle.
Not much larger than a quarter and in need of a more permanent home.
Patiently allowing its vulnerable underside to be photographed.
Los Cerritos Pond: a sanctuary for wildlife and a new home for the baby pond turtle.
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