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Calero County Park
Trail Views
Figueroa Trail entrance area is a haven for squirrels, lizards, turkeys, crows & bluebirds.
Ground squirrel colonies and turkey flocks thrive in the park's mixed oak woodlands.
The park no longer hosts a riding stable or boarding facility.
Blackbirds, crows, lizards and squirrels are commonly seen at Los Cerritos Pond.
In spring blackbirds nest among the cattails lining the pond.
Los Cerritos Trail winds along the foothills above Calero Reservoir.
Oaks accent the hillsides throughout Calero County Park.
A towering Valley Oak stands near the reservoir's shore.
View includes a glimpse of the Bailey Fellows House and Calero Ranch buildings.
Leaving the reservoir Los Cerritos Trail climbs high into the foothills.
Stay on established trails. California oaks can drop limbs suddenly.
Calero County Park is extremely popular with equestrians.
Pastureland view with reservoir beyond.
Challenging section of Los Cerritos Trail.
"Sky River" passing overhead above the Vallecito Trail.
Trail climbs gradually through a shallow canyon.
View along the Vallecito Trail midway to the Pena Trail.
View of oak woodlands along the Javelina Loop.
Interior Live Oaks are distinctive in that they are usually as wide as they are tall.
Javelina trail is fairly level as it winds towards Fish Camp (in shade at center).
Trail views include some of the most picturesque scenery within the park.
Fish Camp pond includes a viewing platform for wildlife, picnic tables & horse trough.
It's tough going up some very steep trails once you leave Fish Camp.
The trail continues upwards to a ridge marked by outcroppings of serpentine.
At the summit, the Javelina Loop passes through a section of serpentine.
View northwest from the summit of the Javelina Trail loop.
Once over the ridge Cherry Cove comes into view.
Javelina Loop is extremely challenging. Best to retrace your steps from Fish Camp.
Then return via the Pena Trail to the parking lot.
On hot summer days, hike these trails from 4 to 7PM.
In late afternoon / early evening deer emerge to feed.
At twilight, the landscape is bathed in a soft glow.
On weekends, get an early start. There are 2.5, 3.5, 4 to 7+ mile trails to explore.
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