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Canada del Oro Trail
Calero County Park
Riders on Figueroa Trail near entrance to Canada del Oro Trail.
Entrance to Canada del Oro Trail.
Forest and trail views typical of Canada del Oro.
Trail forks as it nears summit. Cut Off Trail steep, but 10th of a mile shorter.
Both forks of Canada del Oro Trail lead to Bald Peaks Trail junction.
Mixed oak, manzanita, madrone and bay laurel woodlands.
Hikers nearing the junction of Canada del Oro Cutoff & Bald Peaks Trails.
Distant foothills of Rancho Canada del Oro OSP shrouded in mist.
Canned Lizard
While resting at the summit, I noticed an oversized beer can in the brush beside the trail. Picking it up, I was surprised to see it had something inside: a large alligator lizard.
Thinking it trapped/unable to escape, I cut off the base of the can with my pocket knife.
With a little coaxing, it abandoned the can and lost itself amid the leaf litter.
The California Fuchsia blooms in several places along the Bald Peaks Trail.
Canada del Oro & Bald Peaks Trails Junction. Notch on distant hill top marks trail.
Hill top view back down Bald Peaks Trail to Canada del Oro junction.
Distant view of Rancho Canada del Oro OSP.
View from Bald Peaks Trail towards Calero Reservior.
View back down Bald Peaks Trail towards Canada del Oro Trial junction.
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