Light of Morn
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Canal Road
Cahalan to Snell Avenue

Water District's canal road attracts walkers, joggers,
cyclists, naturalists, and photographers.
Almond trees, descendants of trees that were once part of a large orchard.
Their annual almond crop now feeds the area's wildlife.
Faint trace of a path leading to the summit of this hill.
Saw a surprising number of access trails.
Many majestic oaks accent the canal's visual landscape.
A variety of native oaks, buckeye, manzanita, coffeeberry and toyon trees thrive here.
A towering Valley Oak screened by thick vegetation.
Signs of seasonal changes here and there.
Backlit by the morning sun, limb structure of a California Buckeye.
Buckeye shed their leaves early as the tree concentrates on producing its large seeds.
Several Elderberry trees line the canal. Berries are eaten by wildlife.
Coffeeberry with scrub jay.
Cottontail rabbit foraging in trail side underbrush.
An Anna's Hummingbird pauses before resuming its search for food.
Watched one catching insects.
One of a pair of Bewick's Wren foraging in an elderberry tree.
While foraging, this Mourning Dove sat down, extended its wing,
possibly in an attempt to dislodge mites and other parasites.
As the morning sun heats the landscape, young fence lizards emerged to bask.
Very few wildflowers to be seen.
Outcrops of serpentine rock.
A handful of Blue Oak line the road.
Leaf clusters of the Blue Oak.
Snell Road junction, about 2 miles from starting point.
Tree in foreground is a CA buckeye completely clothed in poison oak.
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