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Conservatory of Flowers
Golden Gate Park
Arrive early and you are likely to have the Conservatory all to yourself.
A magnificent showcase for exotic plants and flowers.
Step over the threshold and into a rain forest.
Each room is a carefully controlled environment.
Examples of some of the many exotic plants on display.
Visitors pass through doors from one room to the next.
There is a display of collector's journals and specimens.
This past spring, there was also a room with live butterflies and moths.
Visitors were able to observe them at very close range.
It is like being in your own personal greenhouse.
Visitors were able to watch butterflies feeding and interacting with each other.
Examples of the many different kinds of orchids on display.
The Conservatory's special "Birds and the Bees" exhibit ended in April 2004.
Plan to spend at least an hour exploring within this elegant house of glass.
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