Light of Morn
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Coyote Ridge East
April 2008
Hillside wildflowers above Anderson Reservoir.
Burnt skeletons of numerous trees and shrubs.
After a fire, wildflowers flourish.
Hillisde covered with California Poppy, Gold Fields, Monolopia wildflowers.
Dazzing display.
Large patch of Monolopia.
Decided to follow the trail to the ridge top.
Trail follows the contours of the hillsides.
Easy climbing with nice views of the surrounding foothills.
View of Coyote Valley near Cochrane Avenue. Greenbelt no longer exists.
Two levels to climb separated by shallow meadows.
An old ranch road leads to the ridgetop.
Cut across country, it's shorter.
Broad, shallow valley, maybe a mile long.
Fringe of chaparral on one side.
Serpentine, gray pine on the other.
Wildflowers here and there.
Going west towards Paintbrush Hill.
Very quiet.
I imagine during early spring, there are large vernal pools in this meadow.
Nearing the end of the meadow.
Water trough for cattle.
Passed through a screen of pines.
Reached a fence within sight of Paintbrush Hill.
View west. Far end of Anderson Reservoir in the distance.
Sound of trickling water caught my attention.
Seep Spring Monkeyflowers.
Retracing my steps, going East again.
Beautiful day. Had the entire ridge to ourselves.
Back down through large areas of serpentine.
A few Cream Cup wildflowers were still in bloom.
Saw a few Tidy Tips too.
Road on the right is Cochrane Ave.
Lower meadow with Anderson Reservoir Dam in distance.
Didn't see a "No Trespassing" sign anywhere.
Shrubs on right are Yerba Santa.
Yerba Santa leaves, flower nectar used by
the Ohlone and early Spanish settlers.
Meant to revisit the area the following year.
Never did.
Not sure what the area looks like now.
Yerba Santa in the foreground, Anderson dam & spillway in the distance.
Entire slope covered with wildflowers.
Hillsides above too.
Pair of Variable Checkerspot butterflies jostle
for position to feed on a Monolopia wildflower.
Nearing starting point of hike.
Monolopia, one of my favorite late spring wildflowers.
California Poppies, colorful Lichen on serpentine.
Hike started at Anderson Dam at extreme right.
Hike ended within sight of the lone tree
on ridge at far left (edge of Paintbrush Hill).
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