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November 2020
Fall Color, Crane Valley
Known as "Crane Valley" to the local Mono tribes.
It's known today as "Bass Lake".
We saw no cranes, just a single Great Egret. Perhaps Sandhill Cranes
once paused to forage in this valley during their seasonal migration.
We'd come to enjoy the area's fall color.
Of which there was an abundance.
Black Oak sapling supported by branches of a manzanita.
Season quickly advancing from Autumn to Winter.
Contrast between dark tree bark and bright colored leaves.
Splashes of blood-red color stains some leaves.
A collection of leaves with almost "candy like" color.
"Wishon Point" Once, a very long time ago, two young people unrolled their sleeping bags here on a
sandy beach and fell asleep watching the stars, meterorites and satellites sweep by overhead.
Forty years have passed and together, we still enjoy the pagentry of the night sky.
A single Black Oak leaf resting lightly.
Manzanita, also known as "Bear Berry", is edible and a rich source of vitamin C.
Yes, we saw bear tracks at the lake shore and scat near a thicket of Manzanita.
Nearly all the berries had been stripped from this thicket of manzanita.
Colors vivid as wildfire.
Drawing closer, half expected their glow to warm me.
But within days, these colors will fade away.
Black Oak, Valley Oak and small groves of Manzanita grow near the lake shore.
Willow Creek on east side of Bass Lake. A hiking trail climbs to the ridge and beyond.
Historically, very important to the Mono, then to early settliers and the logging industry.
Local Mono tribe women pounded seeds and acorns
at this "kitchen rock" for hundreds of years.
View from "kitchen rock" very different today.
Stopped to photograph this unique "lending library" and chat
with the owner of the cottage-in-the-woods.
A short ways outside Oakhurst is historical "Fresno Flats" remnants of an pioneer village.
A charming relic of the past. The day we visited, a van of Honor Students from Visalia
arrived. They'd arranged in advance for a private tour of the house and grounds.
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