Light of Morn
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January 2021
Alamitos Creek Walk
Section of path along Alamitos Creek.
Havoc never misses a chance for a splash.
Tall oaks, willows and sycamore crowd the trail.
Seed feeder site. Note seeds placed close to cover, suet feeder overhead.
An immature White-crowned Sparrow hesitant to take advantage of the seeds.
Stayed within the tangle of branches.
Hanging suet feeder attracts a hungry Chestnut-backed Chickadee.
A pair of them take turns pecking at the suet.
A single Scrub Jay was the third bird seen. Two crows nearby could have intimidated him.
Leaving the dirt path to join the asphalt trail.
Watched 3 sets of Mallard pairs swim upstream.
Sometimes others with dogs pass by. Here, a "Chessy" Retriever strains to reach Havoc.
Water District's cement embankment above creek. Good place for wildlife viewing.
Landscape remains very dry, dull for photography.
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