Light of Morn
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December 2020
Nature Never Disappionts
Riparian corridor in Almaden Valley.
"Havoc" runs through it.
It provides a diversion for him while I practice my photography.
In places, stands of towering sycamores line the creek.
In autumn, their leaves turn gold then bronze as they decay.
This annual shower of leaves creates drifts of leaf litter along the trail.
Along this section, layers of cottonwood leaves litter the trail.
Conserving ground moisture and providing an ideal habitat for numerous species.
Chestnut Back Chickadee amid willow branches.
Gold-Crowned Sparrow foraging in the undergrowth.
Colorful male Spotted Tohee. A very secretive bird.
Mature sycamores provide nesting and foraging sites for birds and squirrels.
A variety of oak trees also thrive along the creek.
Their leaves and branches are good places to look for wasp galls.
"Havoc" gets bored easily. He delights in yanking me along by his leash.
A range of seasonal colors are present in this pretty spray of sycamore leaves.
Very warm "California Winter" day, 70-degrees.
Afternoon sun illuminates a favorite section of trail.
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