Light of Morn
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Edith Morley Park, June 2022
Nature Never Disappoints
Tucked away in a small industrial complex, this little park is an absolute gem!
The park shares space with an impressive Community Garden.
But I'd come to enjoy photographing the park's mantilla poppies.
Mantilla poppies attract pollinators, such as honey bees.
Have no idea where their hive may be.
I once kept a backyard beehive a few streets away.
In addition to the mantilla poppies, this flowering vine spills over a fence.
In the far right corner of the community garden, this faucet drips constantly.
No bowl beneath to catch the water.
Watched as birds came to drink from it.
The park's pond provides water for wildlife.
Noticed this Dark-eyed Junco having a morning splash.
As long as I stood still, it took no notice of me.
Even though I was less than 5 feet away.
This artwork calls to mind the monthly lunar cycles and tides.
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