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Wildflower Scavenger Hunt
Almaden Quicksilver, April 2014
Wood Road Trail, Almaden Quicksilver County Park.
Scavenger Hunt is hosted & staffed by members of the New Almaden Quicksilver County Park Association.
Participants are provided with a descriptive list of wildflowers commonly found in the park.
Goal is to match descriptions with wildflowers growing along the trail.
Hounds Tongue, an early wildflower found throughout parks and preserves.
Cell-phone cameras are perfect for taking quick photos of wildflowers.
Checkerbloom, a nectar-rich wildflower that favors sunny areas along trails.
Hand-out materials include photos of wildflowers to aid in identification.
Bright gold Johnny Jump Up surrounded by tiny pink linanthus wildflowers.
Another early spring wildflower, these bright red Indian Warriors light up the undergrowth.
Leashed canine companions are welcome in Almaden Quicksilver County Park.
Bright yellow Buttercups peek from behind a thistle leaf.
Comparing a photo to see if it's a match for a wildflower.
A single Silver Tip surrounded by Rose Clover.
Spring Vetch has a seedpod similar to a Sweet Pea.
Wild Iris, look for it in areas of dappled sunlight and shade.
Mountain Iris, this variety has faint blue veins in its leaves.
Sound asleep, this wasp needs sunlight to warm it enough to take flight.
Yellow-gold Sticky Monkey Flower, common to chaparral areas along trails.
This particular type of wasp feeds on wildflower nectar.
Wild Blackberry, common throughout Santa Clara Valley.
Scavenger Hunt route extended a half-mile along Wood Road Trail.
Blue-Eyed Grass with a single example of Wild Geranium.
A hillside of thick chaparral beside Wood Road Trail.
Wildflower Scavenger Hunt is great fun for children as well as adults.
A brother and sister team up to complete their hunt scorecard.
Glorious California Poppies.
Large patch of California Gilia.
Chickpea Lupine surrounded by Rose Clover.
A young participant double-checks her scorecard before final review.
Examining an unknown plant for identification.
Scavenger Hunt staff check participants' scorecards for completeness, accuracy.
Token prizes were awarded participants completing wildflower hunt.
75-150 park visitors participate in the Wildflower Scavenger Hunt each year.
Be sure to join the fun next year!
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