Light of Morn
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February 2022
Nature Never Disappoints
Skipped the Tule Elk Preserve and drove directly to the wetlands.
Magnificent pair of Greater White-fronted Geese come in for a landing.
At first sight, the markings appear artifical.
There were other incoming flyers too, like this White Pelican.
An adult Kildeer forages the edge of a shrinking wetlands basin.
Snowy Egret in dazzling white plummage.
Black-necked Stilt
Long-billed Dowitcher.
Red-winged Blackbird.
Emits its call from deep in its throat.
Pairs of Green-winged Teal haul out on a log to sun themselves..
A pair of Green-winged Teal.
Shrinking shoreline of a section of wetlands.
Viewing platform can be a rewarding spot to visit.
Gold-crowned Sparrow bathing in the shallows.
It's bathing ritual lasted several minutes.
Nearby movement caught my eye, a Common
Yellow-throat Warbler among the cattails.
Watched a Gold-crowned Sparrow having its daily "greens".
Fresh shoots of vegetation appear as water levels drop.
An immature Gold-crowned Sparrow basks in the sun.
Very pretty Say's Phoebe.
Great Egret glides over drained wetlands.
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