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Mushroom Foray 12-Feb-05
Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz
FFSC Foray co-leader Bill White (c) chats
with members before start of hunt.
Foray took place at a site in the
redwood forest above Santa Cruz.
Co-leader John Brown (r) shared his
expertise on the Black Trumpet's habitat.
Handful of wild Black Trumpet mushrooms found beside the trail.
Foray participants attempt to identify some unknown mushrooms.
Everyone came prepared for a successful foray.
Mushroom hunters weren't the only ones foraging in the forest.
Black Trumpets (Craterellus fallax)
"The eyes have it." For some reason, I can easily spot BTs.
Emetic Russula
Redwood forests are home to many colorful mushrooms.
Caution! When feeling threatened, the California Newt
secretes a deadly poison through their skin.
Be sure to wash your hands thoroughy after handing one.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep... and miles to go before I sleep. - W. Whitman
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