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Vineyard Photography
August 2020
'Been photographing this vineyard for 20 years or more.
The ongoing drought and this year's excessive heat has taken its toll on the vines.
Had a very hard time finding grape clusters without "raisins".
The decay was interesting but not very photogenic.
Perhaps I arrived too late to catch the grapes at their peak.
Having never tasted one, I have no idea if the grapes are tart or sweet.
But they look perfectly lucious.
Each grape cluster is unique.
Each is a natural composition.
An inspiration to the eye.
Even in their various stages of decay.
After a while, started using my 60mm macro lens.
Here and there, tiny grape clusters were still ripening amid the overall decay.
Skins of some grapes show scratches and scuff marks.
Attracted by seasonal colors.
Gnarled old vine cradles a heavy cluster of grapes.
Wandered around for maybe an hour taking photos.
Sadly, saw a "For Sale" sign on this acreage.
So this could be the last year to practice photography in this vineyard.
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