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Mushroom Maverics! Fungi Fun!
19 Dec 2010
Due to the weather, we confined our exploration to adjacent meadows.
Found lots of Earth Stars, some in the process of releasing their spores.
Baldy Ryan Creek was impassible, so we found our way around it.
Some mushrooms were rain-soaked and
deteriorating, which made them hard to ID.
Like icing on a cake, the smooth, mauve color of a Bluitt.
Found this California Newt foraging for food at the base of a large oak.
What may be a native forest snail. Note the size/spread of its "foot".
We found this (squirrel?) hole bubbling from the earth like a fountain.
The strength of the flow was so strong, so constant,
we wondered if it was from a ruptured water pipe.
Investigating, no pipe could be felt beneath the flow.
Rain-drenched oak leaf tinged with beautiful colors.
We thought these might be Destroying Angels,
an extremely deadly wild mushroom.
Another odd phenomena was found near the base of a large oak.
I'd cleared dead leaves from a cleft to get a better look at a conk fungus - which released trapped air from - we knew not where.
Large, spotted banana slug snacking on its favorite food -- wild mushrooms.
We found expressive mushroom species like this one here and there.
A pair of mushrooms growing so close together,
their umbrella-like caps overlapped.
Our morning ended with a mystery we were unable to solve.
Found this car, parked haphazardly, lights and windshield
wipers on, and unattended.
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