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Mineral and Gem Society of Castro Valley
(Formerly held in Haywood, now in Newark.)

Shows are held at a variety of venues.
Admission fees range from $3 to $6 for adults.
Clubs raise funds at shows through admission fees, membership drives and raffles.
Wheel of fortune / game of chance very popular with young people.
Shows enable club members' to exhibit their personal collections to the public.
Spheres are labeled with the name/type of stone and country/site of origin.
A large collection of gem-quality turquoise.
Stone sphere prices can range from $10 to $10,000 depending on type and quality.
Shows attract a wide range of gem, mineral & fossil dealers.
Plus exhibits of privately owned fossil collections.
This display courtesy of Applegate Lapidary.
Many shows feature exhibits of fluorescent minerals.
This display was courtesy of the Fluorescent Mineral Society.
Fluorescent minerals occur naturally.
They are not painted or artifically treated in any way.
Most minerals do not fluoresce. But a wide range do under ultraviolet light.
For more information, visit the Fluorescent Mineral Society web site.
Gem and mineral shows are great places to learn more about our natural world.
And shows are like candy shops for collectors!
Almost any type of gem and mineral can be found at a show.
Examples of quartz crystal offered for sale.
Part of an impressive, privately-owned quartz crystal collection.
Carved quartz and gem stones in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Amethyst, jade and amber are just a few of the gems on sale.
One-of-a-kind pieces for every style and taste.
Trays of colorful gemstone beads.
And chunky stone terminals and beads.
Semi-precious jewelry as well as "chunky" gemstone rings, necklaces,
pendant pieces, rough & polished stone, spheres & fossils - all at bargain prices!
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