Light of Morn
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Iris Canyon, Monterey
January 2004
Meadowland habitat within Iris Canyon.
Supports a wide variety of mushrooms and fungus.
In winter, poison oak and other meadow vegetation go dormant.
Enabling mushrooms and fungus to thrive in the moist, decaying leaf litter.
Amathyst Laccaria, Fly Agaric & Candy Caps grow in abundance.
The Bay Bolete can also be found.
Look for them in sandy soil, beneath pine trees or on the trees themselves.
Jack O'Lantern mushrooms favor decaying logs.
Each year new varieties can be seen and enjoyed.
Amathyst Laccaria, Milk Cap and Black Elphin Saddle.
High and low, Angel's Wings and Russula.
Beneath the leaf litter this Jack O'Lantern's sprouts from a rotting log.
Sampling of the rich diversity of mushrooms & fungus thriving in Iris Canyon.
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