Light of Morn
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June 2020
Nature Never Disappoints

Gorgeous Matilija Poppy blossom.

This drought-tolerant native plant thrives in a variety of habitats.
It's a hardy shrub capable of growing tree size.
Once established, it will spread and crowd out other garden plants.
This year, the Mantilija in my garden is displaying multiple blossoms.
Alas, the blossoms don't last long.
Although heavy with pollen, I've not seen pollinator insects nectar sipping.

13 June 2020
Revisiting Tres Pinos Creek
How quickly seasons change.
Lots of California Buckwheat still in bloom.
But White Sage and Deer Weed were no longer blooming.
Not a gossamer wing fluttered anywhere.
Non-native Tree Tobacco were still in flower.
This single Cabbage White was the only butterfly I saw.
Its color pattern indicates it's a summer-marked female.
Lots of small-game trails between seed-bearing plants.
Quail, bush-rabbit, ground squirrel.
Desiccated section of an old Willow tree trunk.
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