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La Purisima Mission, Lompoc CA
June 2003
La Purisima is almost fully restored and in its most original setting. (Featured in the movie "Seabiscuit".)
Quiet mornings are the best time to visit.
Inland fog often burns off by 10AM.
Paths throughout the park are bordered with native plants & flowers.
A government-sponsored CCC work program rebuilt the Mission during the Depression.
This corner was all that remained of the original Mission structure.
The beautiful Mantilla Poppy would have been well known to the Padres.
Native and introduced herbs and flowers adorn Mission pathways.
Fountain used for washing laundry, garments were laid out to dry along its edges.
La Purisima's extensive grounds include fenced enclosures for examples of Mission-era livestock.
Original Mission aqueduct still brings water from a small reservoir a mile away.
Trail shown here beside the aqueduct leads to the reservoir at the end of the valley.
Mission grounds can be accessed from dawn to dusk. However, park hours are 9 to 5PM.
(Featured in the movie "Seabiscuit".)
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