Light of Morn
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March 2022
Nature Never Disappoints
A favorite play of trail-side light and shade.
Immature Gold Crown Sparrow.
White Crown Sparrow, a favorite visitor.
Western Scrub Jay, always an opportunist.
Leaped for joy at finding seeds.
Gobbling up peanuts from each pile of seeds.
Fills crop before flying off.
Hides them a short distance away.
Scrub Jays are colorful birds and a joy to photograph.
Colorful male Spotted Tohee. Always a thrill is see.
Tiny Oak Titmouse. Prefers to stay hidden.
Heard it calling from the underbrush before it appeared.
Poised for flight. Very cautiously approached the seed piles.
Slow morning for birds but this ladybug posed nicely for a picture.
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