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Mayfair Ranch Trail
Open Space Authority
View of parking lot /staging area 2 mi. west on Casa Loma Rd.
Access Mayfair Ranch Trail from west end of parking lot.
Wheelchair friendly Llagas Meadow Trail (left)
& Mayfair Ranch Trail start here.
Mayfair Ranch Trail access is across Casa Loma Road.
Entrance to Mayfair Ranch Trail.
Mayfair Ranch Trail climbs in a series of gradual switchbacks.
And passes through thick chaparral,
sagebrush, oaks and manzanita.
With long stretches shaded by a canopy of trees.
Sage and Bay Laurel scent the air along these shady avenues.
Splashes of crimson and smoldering amber
warn the unwary of poison oak.
Amid a tangle of manzanita, an adult
Merriam's Chipmunk feeds.
Nearby, a juvenile also enjoys munching
unripe manzanita berries.
Merriam's Chipmunks were once common in Santa Clara Valley
but extensive farming, urban sprawl, and habitat destruction
drastically reduced their numbers.
On a trailside bank of tangled grasses,
scores of Clarkia wildflowers bloom.
Light filters through leaves of trailside poison oak.
Trail continues upwards through a
series of open meadows, shady woods.
Near the ridge the trail passes through a grove of blue oaks.
View west along Mayfair Ranch Trail.
Ancient oaks with spreading limbs
adorn the trail in many places.
Trail continues along a high ridge
through grassy meadows accented with oaks.
Distance across high meadow is about half mile.
Trailside monarch with spreading limbs.
View of distant valley and foothills from Mayfair Ranch Trail.
Trail affords views of remote sections
of Rancho Canada del Oro Preserve.
Late spring wildflowers like this
"Elegant Clarkia" bloom along the trail.
Butterflies, like this Chalcedon Checkerspot,
sip moisture from a variety of sources.
A flowering member of the mallow plant family.
Scattered across a hill-top meadow, Mariposa Lilies bloom.
A fine tangle of lilies and grasses.
Tiny jewel-like spider with coloration to match its lily host.
Bright pink Farewell-to-Spring Clarkias are common
along the Mayfair Ranch Trial.
In areas of thick brush, Sticky Monkey Flowers
also accent the trial.
Tiny butterflies like this Tailed Copper
sip nectar from trailside coffeeberry bushes.
View of Mayfair Ranch Trail as it
winds through mixed woodlands.
View south of adjacent parklands.
Mountain-biker crosses high meadow
along the Mayfair Ranch Trail.
Distance from parking lot to Longwall Canyon
Trailhead is 3.1 miles.
After crossing a series of high grassy meadows,
the trail dips into Longwall Canyon.
View from Mayfair Ranch Trail across
Longwall Canyon to Bald Peaks Trail area.
This Wood Nymph butterfly's coloration
blends well with its surroundings.
Another commonly seen butterfly is the Callippe Fritillary.
A pair of equestrians breeze downhill.
Small bridge built by OSA's trail technicians
along lower section of trail.
Trail parallels a streambed as it
winds its way through Longwall Canyon.
Seep-spring monkey flowers favor creek,
drainage areas that retain moisture.
Colorful butterflies like this California Sister
favor creek corridors as well.
Mayfair Ranch Trail view in Longwall Canyon.
Bridge on left is needed when winter rains fill streambed.

Mayfair / Longwall Canyon Trail junction.
Return downhill to Longwall Canyon trailhead,
then follow access road back to Casa Loma Road
and to the OSA parking lot.

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