Light of Morn
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May 2022
Nature Never Disappoints
Overcast morning. Havoc exploring.
New growth replacing the old.
Bright pink denotes female oak blossom.
Ladybug asleep on blackberry leaf.
A Common Tohee basking in a patch of sunlight.
A male Spotted Tohee forages for food in the leaf litter.
Tiny Oak Titmouse peeks from the undergrowth.
"Havoc" splashing in Alamitos Creek.
In calm water, a Black Phoebe watches for flying insects.
Spring fades with the passing of the season.
Some oak saplings were heavy with "oak apples" like these.
A blossom from our native rose so pale it was almost white.
Fremontia or "flannel bush" thrives in sandy soils.
Common Tohee cocked its head at the sound of my camera shutter.
Our native California Poppy.
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