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Found Food:  Urban Morels
1 Nov 08
The last thing you'd expect to see -- edible wild mushrooms growing in an urban setting.
Thriving among the weeds and fallen leaves wild morel mushrooms.
In the wild, Morels are often found in burned-over areas within redwood forests.
But occasionally they can be found growing in urban settings too.
The reason why can be found in the wood chip dressing spread by the gardeners.
Burnt forest debris is often converted into wood chips and sold commercially.
Sacks of wood chips often contain a variety of wild mushroom spores.
Morels are one of the most tasty, sought after wild mushrooms found in North America.
Growing in an urban setting is not likely to affect the morel's edibility,
but use good judgement when collecting.
If you compare the size of commercially sold morels to those found growing wild,
you'll note a remarkable difference in size and quality.
So the next time you're hurrying across campus to a meeting,
Take time to notice what's growing in the grass or amid the wood chips along the walkways.
You just might stumble upon what's for dinner!
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