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Native Trout
Baldy Ryan Creek, RCDO OSP
Baldy Ryan Creek drains Longwall Canyon watershed.
Seasonal run off from a side canyon flows through this culvert.
During their spring run, native trout sometimes
swim up this "cripple creek" by mistake.
This trout measured 6 inches in length.
The instinct to swim upstream is incredibly strong.
This fish repeated tried to leap upstream through the current.
Only to be washed back down into a lower pool.
It would rest briefly, gathering its strength for another attempt.
Only to be washed back down again.
These repeated attempts would leave
the fish gasping open mouthed from the exertion.
It would constantly work its fins and tail to stay in place.
If it could just get beyond this large black rock!
Ready for another attempt.
Gulping water to oxygenate.
The fish seemed to oxygenate where
the water was agitated with lots of bubbles.
Forcing its way up a narrow channel between two rocks.
What a monumental effort!
Then its strength would fail and it would be
washed back down. (Fish is at center of photo.)
The fish is at the center of the picture. Can you see it?
Every year 2-3 trout are stranded in this pool.
They usually fall prey to predators within 24 hours.
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