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Catamount Trail (June'07)
Open Space Authority

Access to the Catamount Trail is via the access road to the Longwall Cyn Trial.
The Catamount trailhead is to the right -- behind the tin storage building.
Steep in places, the Catamount Trail climbs 1.7 miles to the Bald Peaks Trail junction.
Thinking Catamount would be easier to hike down than up -- hiked Longwall Canyon Trial
first to enjoy its sweeping views of the surrounding watershed.
Longwall Canyon Trail and Bald Peaks Trail junction.
Bald Peaks Trail stretches away into the distance along the ridge top.
To the south, views of Rancho Canada del Oro Open Space Preserve.
To the north, views of Calero County Park, its Reservoir, and the foothills of Santa Clara Valley.
Ridge top view towards Rancho Canada del Oro Open Space Preserve.
Gate bars entrance to closed section of Rancho near the Catamount Trail junction.
From Longwall Cyn/Bald Peaks Trail junction, it's 1 mile to Catamount Trail Junction.
Catamount and Bald Peaks Trail Junction.
View south along Catamount Trial.
Backwards glance towards Bald Peaks Trail.
Catamount Trail drops down quickly into the canyon.
Many picturesque oaks line the trail.
Looking south, you can trace the Mayfair Ranch Trail across the hillside in the distance.
The Catamount Trail jogs right as it nears the Longwall Canyon Trial junction.
Catamount Trail is open to hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians.
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