Light of Morn
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LongWall Canyon Trail, Oct-05
Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
OSA's parking lot / staging area is located 2 miles west on Casa Loma Road.
Access road leading to the entrance of Longwall Canyon Trail.
Overcast morning; rich tapestry of autumn colors along entire trail.
Found this large banded Argiope spider beside the trail.
Gracious thanks to Peter J. Bryant of UC Irvine for his "Spiders on the Web" ID link!
Mist collects and drips from the crimson leaves of Poison Oak.
Mist drenched manzanita leaf deadfall.
Poison Oak displaying its seasonal color variations.
"Leaves of Three" - the wild strawberry is often mistaken for poison oak.
Wind-blown patterns in grasses.
A spotted banana slug glides across a dark forest trail.
View of Bald Peaks Trail heights as Longwall Canyon Trail nears its junction.
A coat of lichen on a broken twig.
A handful of springs drain the Longwall Canyon Trail watershed.
An outcropping of California Serpentine with native grasses and lichen.
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