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Audubon Christmas Bird Count, Calero/Morgan Hill
29 December 2001
Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
2001 marked the first year the Open Space Authority of Santa Clara County (OSA) participated in Audubon's Christmas Bird Count. OSA Staff and volunteers met at the Calero County Park pullout on McKean Road. Armed with bird books and binoculars, our task was to count birds within the Calero/ Morgan Hill count circle.* The Calero/ Morgan Hill count circle is centered on a nameless summit just north of the junction of Bailey Avenue and McKean Road, near Calero Reservoir. Our group split into two smaller units in order to canvas a larger area during the day. A light rain fell as we began our count. Photos shown here were taken in a property managed by the OSA. Note: A Christmas Count circle is 15 miles in diameter.
  Band of Birders: We few. We happy few.
We crossed a stream several times as we climbed towards a reservoir in the foothills.
Our efforts were rewarded when we spotted a golden eagle flying above a ridge. Further along at "Lost Lake", we spotted several colorful Wood Ducks. A hand-held recording device kept track of the bird species counted.
Volunteer photographer Cait Hutnik with Lori Raymaker, Resource Coordinator for the Open Space Authority.
As we climbed towards the summit a thick blanket of fog enveloped us.
Small vernal pools such as this one provide drinking water for area wildlife.
Checking for owls in the hollow trunk of a massive oak.
The terrain we hiked through featured scores of magnificent oaks.
Towering over the surrounding landscape, some of these trees are several hundred years old.
The growth patterns of many of the oaks we saw were shaped by the relentless wind.
The thick fog shrouding the hillsides effectively concealed most birds.
Participation Fee Helps Defray Bird Count Expenses
The Christmas Bird Count's $5.00 participation fee goes to the National Audubon Society to defray costs of organizing and publishing the count results. In 2001, participants who provided a mailing address received a copy of the Christmas Bird Count issue of North American Birds magazine. The 2001 issue contained the complete results of all Christmas Bird Counts, including ours.
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