Light of Morn
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Audubon Christmas Bird Count, Calero/Morgan Hill
Casa Loma Rd. & OSA Rancho Property, 26 December 2004
Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
Bird Count volunteers scan the area around an old barn on Casa Loma Road.
Area's bird habitat includes pastures and derelict walnut orchards.
When birds suddenly break cover, volunteers quickly identify and count them.
Volunteers enjoyed the solitude of birding along a quiet country road.
Broad meadow edged with a creek screened by trees.
Birds can often be sighted foraging for food in barnyards.
Section of unpaved road along Llagas Creek.
A steady mist fell as we set out across Rancho's home meadow.
Birding our way up a narrow canyon.
Near one creek crossing we observed California Newts migrating.
Amphibians, newts return to shallow pools in late winter/early spring to breed.
Soggy meadow below Hidden Lake.
Wind and rain had driven most birds under cover.
On previous counts Wood Ducks were sighted here along the far shore.
Winter bare oaks at the summit above Hidden Lake.
A sudden bird sighting is quickly tracked with binoculars.
Dense woods surrounding a high meadow.
Steady mist falling; dampening everything but our spirits.
Birding downhill following an old ranch road.
Last creek to cross before reaching Casa Loma Road.
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