Light of Morn
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Pastures of Heaven
May 2004
An afternoon spent wandering in the Santa Clara foothills.
Wide-angle view of farmland on the outskirts of Coyote Valley.
A weathered and sagging fenceline stretching to a distant skyline.
A small reservoir with a view of the Calero County Park foothills.
Pasturelands turned to straw by weather too hot too soon.
Like watchful sentinels, distant oaks line the horizon.
A park-like setting with well-worn trackways throughout.
Surprised to find wildflowers in pasturelands usually devoid of them.
Young oaks - like startled deer, seemed to flee before me.
Towering oak on a rise of ground; crickets singing in the heat.
Silted and growing stagnant, this small reservoir will soon dry up completely.
View south towards Morgan Hill.
New fence line separates grazed and ungrazed areas of pasture.
Ungrazed area is knee deep in mixed grasses.
View of acreage threatened by development.
"Mole Hill" at corner of Bailey & Santa Teresa is a natural park site.
It will be a tragic loss if this area becomes an industrial park.
Once farmland, then a golf course, now farmland once again.
What the future holds for Coyote Valley is still uncertain.
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