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Pismo Beach, CA
February, 2023
We were there on Valentine's Day. Lots of folks enjoying the beach.

We usually take a walk through the Monarch Butterfly Grove
adjacent to Pismo Beach State Park.

This visit we saw very few Monarchs.
Perhaps due to several eucalyptus trees brought down by recent storms.
A male Anna's Hummingbird perched high in a juniper tree.
Subtle coloration of a female Oregon Dark-eyed Junco.
A male Oregon Dark-eyed Junco perched nearby.
A pair of Milkcap Mushrooms force their way to the light.
Gray day. Blue roof marks our timeshare.
Weak sunlight provides little warmth for this pidgeon.
Pier piling encrusted with living mollusks. Seagulls treat
them as food and peck at them between wave swells.
Snowy Egret forages along the shoreline.
It seemed to prance through the shallows.
Hmmm, "Go Home Valley!" Which valley?
As we were leaving, noticed this young man with his skateboard.
He was extremely agile. Leaped atop the wall in a single bound.
Each time he leaped, he challenged gravity.
Each time, gravity won.
I surmised his goal was to flip the board in air,
land on it before it hit the ground.
Young Seagull effortlessly glides over the shore break.
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