Light of Morn
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Rainy Day Pre-Bird Count Hike
Rancho Canada del Oro OSP

Light mist falling as we left the parking lot, headed up Casa Loma Road.
Tree-line along creek always a good place to look for birds.
Following road uphill. Good place for meadowlark sightings.
Saw a very large mushroom "Fairy Ring" as we neared the summit.
Winter-bare oaks very pretty along the entire route.
This towering valley oak is my favorite.
Sprawling limb structure.
See a rainbow; make a wish !
Oak forest very birdy.
Rain drops on the lens of my trusty 7-year-old, 5px Canon PowerShot S60.
Lion's Mane fungus can grow quite large.
This one was maybe 12 inches across.
Saw a surprising number of different kinds of wild mushrooms.
Saw flocks of cedar waxwings feeding on mistletoe berries.
Oak branches bedecked with mistletoe.
Familiar landmark; spring-fed water trough.
Downhill. Very birdy.
Tree trunks, limbs attract insects. Great places for birds to forage.
A pair of rain-activated Earth Star mushrooms.
Disturbed a white centipede.
Which promptly curled up, went back to sleep.
A tiny baby Ensatina Salamander foraging
for food amid wet and decaying leaves.
So tiny, it's feet are transparent.
Sometimes, their entire bodies are transparent.
Lots of trail side color.
And signs of spring wildflowers.
Colorful stones on a bed of wet leaves.
Saw a variety of birds foraging in this area.
By the time we reached the parking lot a steady rain was falling,
we'd covered the route in 3 hours.
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