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Don't Tread On Me!
Baby Western Rattlesnake

Spring day hike through beautiful oak woodlands. But watch where you put your feet!
A baby Western Rattlesnake barely 12 inches long. It ooked like a casually dropped piece of jewelry.
Note how the color of the lower portion of its eye matches its skin pattern.
Baby rattlesnakes often remain motionless, and therefore unnoticed along the trail.
Keeping my distance, I was fascinated by the intricate pattern of this rattlesnake's skin.
Another trail user got too close, greatly annoying this little snake.
Feeling threatened, it slowly coiled into a defensive position.
Its tiny, single-button rattle vibrated constantly but made no sound.
The intent was to encourage the little snake to seek safety off the trail.
What a fascinating skin pattern!

Eventually the snake got the message. It glided off trail in a smooth, fluid motion
Its tiny size can be judged, measured here against the spring grasses.

County Park trails are beautiful in spring. But watch where you put your feet.
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